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Best practices for writing Clean Code

Clean code can be read and enhanced by a developer other than its original author.

Documenting a SpringBoot REST API with OpenAPI 3

The main idea for documenting our back-end RESTful APIs is to communicate to third-party developers what our endpoints are doing.

Big O Notation and Analysis of Algorithms - coding interview

Big O Notation is a mathematical notation that helps us analyze how complex an algorithm is in terms of time and space. When we build an application for one user...

SOLID principles: The Definitive Guide (Part I)

SOLID principles tell you how to arrange your functions into classes and how those classes should be interrelated.

Graphs: Depth-First Search

Depth-First Search (DFS), is an algorithm to search for information in Graphs.

Tree data structure: Binary Search Tree

Tree data structures are non-linear data structures, and they allow us to implement algorithms much faster than when using linear data structures.