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Introduce business terminology into your variable names

A Domain is an area of knowledge associated with a problem we are trying to solve.

Understanding Object-Oriented Programming concepts

Object-oriented concepts give you a solid foundation for making critical design decisions.

SSL Handshake Failure

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) enables a secured connection between a client and a server. SSL Handshake is a set of steps that make it possible for this secured connection...

Spring Boot, OpenAPI3, and OAuth2

This tutorial will show how to integrate OAuth2 with Spring Security in a Spring Boot application with OpenAPI 3.

UML Diagrams for Java Developers

The Unified Modeling Language is a graphical notation for modeling systems and conveying User software requirements. All developers must understand this notation before starting programming.

SOLID principles: The Open-Closed Principle (Part II)

SOLID principles tell you how to arrange your functions into classes and how those classes should be interrelated.